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The NeuFit Undercurrent Podcast

Apr 13, 2022

(Note: this episode was extracted from a presentation Dr. Buckner gave during a recent Mastermind call among NeuFit practitioners. For a more complete experience, please check out this episode on YouTube which includes a slide presentation)

In this episode of the NeuFit Undercurrent podcast, Dr. Sam Buckner Ph.D. joins our monthly Mastermind call to go over the results of his study "The acute muscular response following a novel form of pulsed direct current stimulation (Neubie) or traditional resistance exercise." In the study, he shows that the acute response to training with the Neubie and no external load is similar to traditional resistance training with 70% of maximum resistance. The measured responses include increased muscle thickness (as measured by ultrasound), and also fatigue and soreness.

While the Neubie is already FDA-cleared for reducing atrophy, this is the first research study directly demonstrating that it may be able to do more in the realm of hyptertrophy, or muscle growth. By showing an acute, short-term response, it also leads to more questions about long-term effects which Dr. Buckner brings up and that will be answered in his future studies. Questions like: can the Neubie grow muscle over a complete training cycle? And how does it compare to traditional weight training?

Listen in to hear the details of the study as well as the science behind low-load training and why it can be beneficial in many circumstances. A link to the published article is below: