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The NeuFit Undercurrent Podcast

Nov 1, 2022

After Brian Gallagher, PT, won "National Practice of the Year" in the early 2000's, he became a judge for the award in future years. While evaluating nominees for that award, he saw common themes among the most successful practices. Now, as the founder of MEG (Management Expansion Group), Brian shares those lessons (and his wealth of other experiences) to help PT Practice Owners improve their marketing, operations, compliance, billing, hiring, and culture. In this episode, we talk about: 
  • The biggest challenges facing PT practice owners
  • Brian's 4 Keys to Building a Successful Business 
  • The 10-minute meeting that can supercharge your team and culture
  • Why it's so important to stand out in your local market (and how technology like the Neubie can help)
  • The optimal balance of cash and insurance revenue 
  • How to balance the agility of a startup with the consistent procedures of a larger and more established practice 
  • ...And more!
It's full of actionable insights, so if you are a practice owner (or would like to be one someday), be sure to listen to the whole conversation. And if you want to learn more about Brian's services and sign up for a free practice assessment, check out (Plus he has a special offer for the practice owners who are a part of NeuFit Nation!)