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The NeuFit Undercurrent Podcast

Aug 25, 2022

In this solo episode, I attempt to make the nervous system less intimidating by sharing some concepts and models that can help us all understand the nervous system. One of those concepts is the "black box," a theoretical object that accepts inputs, processes them, and creates outputs. We can view the nervous system as a big feedback loop that operates in this manner, and I share several examples of how the loop works to bring it to life. Another concept that helps us understand how the nervous system works is to understand that the brain's #1 priority is survival and protection. Because of that priority, the brain would rather have us do less and not more in order to keep us safe, and our brains often impose limitations on our bodies. Finally, we'll discuss how the purpose of functional neurology is to impact this loop by providing the right inputs, and what that can mean for rehabilitation and performance. Focusing on the software of the body, the nervous system, opens up breakthroughs in healing. This episode will help you better understand how to make those breakthroughs in your own lives and the lives of your patients/clients.