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The NeuFit Undercurrent Podcast

Jul 12, 2024

In this compelling episode, we sit down with US Men’s Olympic Gymnast Brody Malone to share the remarkable story of his journey to the Paris 2024 Olympics. 

Brody opens up about his early beginnings in gymnastics, his drive and dedication to the sport, and the pivotal moments that shaped his career.  

The conversation...

Jun 28, 2024

Our guest is John Nelson, founder of Elite Level Performance (ELP). We cover John's journey from dealing with back trouble in high school (including what ended up being a tumor on his lumbar spine) to establishing a multi-service facility aimed at optimizing athletic performance and working with the best...

Jun 14, 2024

In this episode, we dive into the transformative world of holistic physical therapy.

Our guest is Adam Laraway, a physical therapist with over 24 years of experience. As founder of Focus Physical Therapy, Adam takes a “family first” approach and helps his patients overcome a wide range of challenges, including those...

May 31, 2024

Join us this week as Angie McGilvrey, a leading visionary in physical therapy and founder of Apex, discusses the business of PT as a primary care provider and how Apex is redefining what success looks like in the industry.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • How physical therapy can be a “Primary Care Profession”...

May 17, 2024

Join us in this week’s episode as Dr. Cindra Kamphoff, renowned sports psychologist and founder of The Mentally Strong Institute, shares her expert insights on how mastering your mindset can dramatically improve your life and business success.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • How thoughts influence feelings and...