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The NeuFit Undercurrent Podcast

Mar 21, 2023

Greg Pignataro, CSCS, recently set the Guinness World Record for performing the most Nordic Hamstring Curls ever recorded in one minute! On this episode, he talks about his experience preparing for and setting the record -- including how the Neubie helped him along the way. He is also a certified ATG coach (ATG is the "Athletic Truth Group", the training system started by Ben Patrick, best known as the "Knees Over Toes Guy". We talk about the major principles of the ATG training system, some of the specific exercises and tactics they're using, and ways that Greg uses the Neubie to amplify the benefits of ATG workouts to help clients make more progress faster. And, if you want to learn to get your first Nordic Hamstring Curl, Greg also has a program called "Nordic Curl Now" available at